The Band

JIL is an American Christian Rock Band with Lead Guitar player John Riggs, Bass player Thomas Moore, Rhythm Guitar player Mark Dyers, Drummer Danny Summers, Lead Vocalist Steve Erin, and Keyboard player Rick Vidal.

Our albums ( Hold On ), and ( The Winning Side ) our first two EPs are available on iTunes, and as well as airing on most internet radio stations. JILs music is upbeat feel good music, and we want our fans to take that with them when the show is over along with feelings of love and hope. We are currently working on our third full length LP, Triumph, which is due to be released in August 2017, followed by a tour to promote the album. To find out more about upcoming shows and ministry, please visit any of our other sister sites.

Thank you for listening, and remember if you walk in faith, God will Never let you down...