FLORIDA Rock team JIL changes gears with the release of their new EP album TRIUMPH. You can find it on Apple Itunes, Amazon.com, Spotify, and in music stores around the world. TRIUMPH was released in the U.S. and Europe on August 21, 2017 ”

— Cross Rhythms Uk

Project Name


Like an audio time machine, JIL will take you back to the classic era of the Arena Rock Genre. Incorporating the same kind of power and drive like the music that used to Rock our hearts and souls. JIL promises to take you there again with melodic hooks and feel good Rhythms. Taking JILs sound, and blending it seamlessly together with the classic style and feel of the music from that era,Triumph promises to be a breath of fresh air stirring up memories from one of Rock music's greatest era's while still giving our fans a High Energy Rock performance. It wouldn't be a surprise if you can't get enough... 



JILs Mission
Proclaiming the good news of the Gospels, as well as telling the greatest story ever told of how a young Jewish man by the name of Jesus, paid the ultimate price with His life to take away the sins of the world allowing Himself to be crucified. Jesus suffered a horrible and agonizing death and then descended into hell where He did battle battle with the devil. Defeating Satan, He then took the keys of death and Hades with Him on the third day when He rose again. Christ having conquered death was given the authority to offer the GIFT of Eternal life to all who believe on His name and believe He is the only begotten SON of GOD.


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JILs third album TRIUMPH ©2017

JILs third album TRIUMPH ©2017

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